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Yes, we translate into all languages.

Our translators are specialists in their respective subject areas. We have translators who are specialised in translating financial and economic papers.

The translator themselves ensures that the text meets our strict requirements as all text is translated and spellchecked, terminology is consistent and error proof, the text is linguistically correct and tailored for the target task, reference material taken into account, numbers and data are crosschecked by our translators and computer based technology. A reviewer will also examine the text to double-check that these criteria have been met. Before delivery, the project manager then checks that the  translation corresponds to your order in every respect.

We do all we can to deliver your express translation as quickly as you need it. The delivery time depends on the amount of text and the file format.

A certified/authorised translation is produced by a translator who has been authorised by the Italian Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency  by providing sample translations to check that the translator’s proficiency at general texts, legal texts and financial texts in the language combination concerned.

An authorised translation may be needed in certain specific cases.Those include (and are not limited to) annual reports, certificates, testimonials, extracts from registers and legal documents that can be used in court.

Because our translators work using translation tools, we need editable files that can be used in these tools. Unfortunately, PDF files are not editable. We can, of course, convert PDF files into Word format but the result will be less successful as the line breaks and pagination will no longer match that of the source file. We can prepare a PDF file and create a “new” original, but this will take slightly longer. The easiest option is to give us the working file that the document was created from.

We can translate papers as well. We will write the translation on an editable file, with the correct impagination you are required to have.

The delivery time will depend on the amount of text you need to be translated and the language combination. If you would like your translation delivered in a more express way, we can arrange it based on your time needs.

When you contact Koiné, you will be in touch with our project manager and CEO, who is then in turn in contact with the translator/translators involved in your project.

Open a channel with us and we will be delighted to answer any further questions you may have

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